What exactly is Complexcity? What's the background and what was the contest that inspired you to make it?

Our first intention was to create an even more complex city than we did with our previous builds. Complexcity seems to be a nice and friendly place, but from the inside the city is dead and controlled by artificial intelligence. Isolated from the rest of the world.

Tell us a bit about your previous creations up until this point.

We always strive to build something greater and focus on layout, composition, concept and colors.

Tell me more about the fictional Builders, Netsphere, and Authority.

The fictional builders (robots) were once created by humans. Humans always strived to make the robots as intelligent as themselves. The robots were controlled by the Authority which are the project managers. The Authority once used the Netsphere for an information input it acts like a gateway to an isolated network.

Who's taken control of the city now?

In the past there was a point where the robots did weird actions and the process wasn’t comprehensible to humans. The humans tried to shut it down through the Netsphere but the robots saw it as threat and closed the gateway. Since then the robots are in complete control and nobody knows how the situation will develop. The fictional builders are living inside the buildings since there supply line was cut off they try to use the available resources to create unbelievable things. Their goal is to secretly take over the world and make it a better place.

How long did it take you to create Complexcity?

Complexcity was created within 10 days.

What were some of the roadblocks you encountered during the process? What was the most difficult to overcome?

I think the biggest roadblock was where and how we should start this new project. As soon as we had a solid foundation backed up by a concept everyone was excited to finish it.

What is something that you learned about the creative process when making this build?

Not trying to make everything 100% perfect in one go. A lot of times you end up changing parts over and over again. You lose a lot of time/motivation and the modifications don’t add much to the big picture. Changing focus on different parts can greatly increase the overall process allowing to not get stuck. You can always come back and give the final touch.

What's the public transport like in this city?

The public transport is used by the robots to move certain gadgets between the buildings. They try to act as normal as possible so humans are not able notice any aggressive behavior. It is the perfect illusion.

Have you imagined living there yourself? What's your own home like in this futuristic city?

Yes we have. If you would decide to live there, it wouldn‘t be safe at all. The robots see the humans as a risk because the robots can’t calculate the human’s unpredictable emotional actions. Therefor the city has become a place which is not designed for human habitation.

If Complexcity was brought to life in another format, like a film for instance, what would be taking place there? Would you tell the story of the Builders' downfall or something else?

It will tell the story on how the robots take over the world to be more efficient by being unattached to emotions.